We have years of experience with Goal Zero and Tesla Solar City. We are saving money on our power bills and we are better prepared for emergencies.

For example, our power went out for 13 hours due to a traffic accident. It was winter and pouring rain. We used our Goal Zero solar generator to keep a refrigerator running, a lamp, wi-fi, and laptops & cell phones charged. Our gas fireplace had a battery back up so we were able to ignite the gas fireplace for warmth. 

We are now in process of getting more solar back up with the Goal Zero home storage kit. 

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PG&E Emergency Preparedness

    The Tesla Power Wall and other home solar storage batteries store power on site for you to use if the power goes out.

The transition from use of "Power Plant Generated" power and "On Site Solar Stored Battery" power use is seamless.

When others are out of power - you are not. 

Now that sounds like a bright idea

Be a beacon of light - Go Solar!

Keep the Lights on with the Solar Energy Revolution!

  • Save water
  • Save energy
  • Save money
  • Protect from power outages
  • Gain energy independence


and sometimes this results in power outages.

Are you prepared? 

Learning from other Municipalities:

the Pros and Cons of 100% Renewable Energy Read articles listed below . . . 

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