Blog reports are researched by our San Francisco based researcher, Ash Finn. As he goes about his travels and studies in Environmental Engineering, he reports back to us on what he finds in the areas of restoring, protecting, and preserving our natural water cycle. The blog will build a great resource directory over time for people to access and see what is being done to preserve water and it's natural cycle. Inspiration, knowledge, and people power can help protect us from drought conditions now and in the future. 

Info can include reports on:

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permaculture, habitat restoration, water harvesting systems, tree planting, graywater systems, products, technology, environmental engineering, businesses, organizations, farms, municipalities, individuals, etc. We will showcase those that are doing great things to protect our natural water cycle and helping conserve water and/or energy. 

A Poster by the US Geological Survey . . .

Learning about the Natural Water Cycle to Preserve it, Protect it, Restore it.