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 Conservation and Harvesting

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Comfort, style, function, and efficiency are all key factors that we look for on the job. Saving water and energy are not only an important part of the equation, but are increasingly becoming a necessity. 

For over 20 years, Finn Plumbing Inc. has promoted water and energy savings. Noel has taken this commitment to a new level by becoming an accredited GREEN PLUMBER. And our next generation son is studying Environmental Engineering including the systems of not only water conservation, but also water harvesting. 

We are proud to be part of the forward thinking solutions to help meet the water and energy needs in our community. Visit our website often to get updated tips on how you can make a difference in saving energy and conserving/harvesting water, translating this into lower water/energy bills.                               

  Water .....

Rebates &  Tax Credits change frequently and are often based on funds available. Check the following websites for rebate and tax credit info:  IRS, The Gas Company, PG&E, local water company and local utility companies. 

The cheapest water is water you conserve! The water has already been pumped and placed ready for you to use. By practicing water saving tips, you can save on your water bill . . . and when the whole household works together, the savings can be even bigger!

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 - Noel and Nanette Finn

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